All paintings start with an idea. A flash of color. A dreamy structure of lines and shapes. A vision of something that you know you've seen, but can't quite put your finger on, so you have to paint it to make sure you never lose that image.

Mmm, Lumber

Mmmm, Lumber

Blast Off - In the works

Blast Off To Somewhere, in the works a day before my show

Blast Off - In the works

Blast Off To Somwhere, in the works

Blast Off - In the works

More Gratuitous Photos of Blast off to Somewhere

Blast Off

Blast Off...all done - Photo by Jeni LoDolce


One Hot Mess


Almost Done

Happy Paintings

Final Pieces in a Gallery - Photo by Jeni LoDolce

Four Seasons

At the Proximity Show

In Studio

Scruffylufagus - In Studio - Photo by Jeni LoDolce

Preparing for a small show

A small piece for my small show