Existentialism on the studio floor...

My art is an exploration of colors and ideas, the subconscious and conscious mind. To truly understand the world that surrounds us, we must make sense of it. My art is an interpretation of our world.

The visual elements, the sounds, and colors that we see on a daily basis in popular culture influence us in our conscious and subconscious minds. Every mark that is made, color that is used, is an exercise of the influence of the outside world on my person. After time, however, the outside influences affect and influence our mind and our memory. The end result of this is a great bleeding together ofconscious and subconscious imagery that has negative and positive qualities.

My art is exploration of the positives and the negatives, the need for an interpretation and a new language to fully understand the daily over-stimulation (both positive and negative) that is taken for granted. My art is a series of cartoons, paintings, and digital drawings. The variety of work is an exploration of a greater meaning, my variety of styles is divergent and unapologetic, just as is the world that surrounds us.

~Nick Volkert